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Hello-G takes on challenges to revolutionize our services of offering lifeblood, to make everyone’s daily life, and business activities more fulfilling.


We aim to deliver services that root in the customer’s fields.

Since its foundation 60 years ago, Hello-G has been offering services, being in an intimate relationship with the customer’s life and business scenes.
We believe that we are able to grow our business by recognizing the customers’ demands in a field level, and by working closely with them.
We will keep on aiming to deliver services that root in customers’ fields as we have been trying to from the past.

Our services

Hello-G serves customers through 5 different divisions.

Enelife Division

The Enelife division consists of Energy Source Distribution services, for instance, LP gas (and related equipment) retailing, solar energy generation, and services that make the customer’s life more comfortable and fulfilling, such as home renovation and water delivery.
We offer high-quality service for both household customers and company clients.

Facility Division

This division provides construction, and maintenance service for the buildings’ air-conditioning facility, plumbing system, and disaster prevention facility. We offer total planning to make your life and business more comfortable in various types of buildings from houses to industrial factories, giving consideration to safe and secure construction and aftercare, 24/7.

Telecommunications Division

There are 3 services we offer in this division: Internet provider service, construction work service to build and maintain the communication environment, and mobile phone retailing service.
Hello-G offers support to maintain stable and high quality environment of telecommunication, which is essential part of our life and business scenes.

Translation and Interpretation Division

Covering over 100 languages, we serve high quality interpretation and translation service to domestic and foreign customers in variety of situations and levels.
Meetings, negotiation, training, interviews, in different business situations, we break down language barriers and realize smooth communication, suitable for your project.

Overseas Division

One-stop solution for market research, and other investigations, which is crucial for oversea development, is provided in this division. We offer research for wide range of markets from developing countries, such as South-east Asia, China, Russia, and South America, and also, developed countries, such as North America and the European Union countries.
In addition, we run an official partner online reservation website of “Blue Bird Group”, the largest taxi company in Indonesia. Reservations for airport to hotel transportation service and reserved charter service can be made with us.

About us

Company name
Hello G Co., Ltd.
May, 1955
2-1-1 Takamatsu, Suruga-ku, Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka, 422-8034 JAPAN
Tel +81 54-237-1080 Fax +81 54-236-1588
Yoshihito Shibazaki
40,000,000 JPN
Number of employees